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FICCIE! YAAAAY! - Gundam Wing Lyric Wheel


Previous Entry FICCIE! YAAAAY! Apr. 11th, 2004 @ 11:49 pm Next Entry

Warnings: AU, angst, shounen ai, post EW, implied mpreg, OC, a little OOC, implied past abuse, NCS/rape, strong language, 2+1, shifting POVs


Synopsis: Duo and Heero are at the bedside of their first-born son, who has been put in a coma by his ‘boyfriend’. They anxiously await him to snap out of it, but it will be true love to break the barrier.


[Anything in Italics is a scene happening in the present (unless otherwise indicated), anything in quotations is a direct quote, and anything in the squiggly brackets {blah blah} are the lyrics. Phone conversations will look like this <blah blah> By the way, the song is called ‘Sunflowers’ by Everclear, as submitted by shoujo_bubbles.]


Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing. Never have; never will.




{I know where you go
When you want to fall
Why do you want to be broken?}


<Daddy? Daddy, I’m so sorry…>


//Duo’s POV//


                That kid’s going to be the death of me. I know he’s gone to Shen’s again, and I can’t believe he did. I warned him, I forbade him, from leaving to see that dirtbag, but he’s still under the idea that he’s in love. He says he’ll do anything to be loved, but what Shen is doing to him isn’t love.


                I’m thirty-five years old, just like Heero, and our son Yuki is only fifteen. Heero was in labor with him for at least twelve hours, but Heero says every second of it was worth it, and I believe him. He says that for each of our children, even down to three-year-old Mika, who clocked in at thirty hours when Heero went into labor with her. Naturally, I sort of put a halt to the baby production after that. Heero says pain is a necessary evil, and poor Yuki took those words to heart. There hasn’t been a day I haven’t caught him crying, or nursing a new wound on his small, lithe body.


{I know where you go
When you want to fall
Yes your friends they tell me everything}


                According to Yuki’s best friend Jewel, he’s stopped eating all together. At school, he uses his lunch period to exercise in the weight room instead of feeding himself. He’s lost twenty pounds, but he still complains he is too fat. He was ten pounds underweight to begin with. I asked Amir, Quartre’s son and Yuki’s best friend, what it was about. That’s how I knew about Shen Li and the crush my son had on him. One false word from the Chinese boy’s lips sent my son into a frenzy of starvation and grueling exercise his body didn’t need. Amir also told me about the many times Shen picked Yuki up from school and took him back to his house. That explained why Yuki walked home most times, and arrived long after sunset.


{Yes I know where you go
Yes I know what you do
Yes I know the awful things you say
And who you say them to
Yes I know where you go
Yes I know what you do}

                I know all about it now, baby doll, and I’m coming. I can’t let you get hurt this way. I know you hate me, and I know that you do stupid things because you hate me, but I love you. My love won’t get you killed like Shen’s will.




                “Please Sir, return to your vehicle,” the officer said as Duo leapt out of his car to survey the scene before him. This was the house, but why was there an ambulance in the driveway? Why was Shen Li in cuffs? Where was Yuki?!


                “Please, I’m looking for my son!” Words began pouring out of Duo’s mouth before the tears had a chance to spill. “His name is Yuki, and his mother and I are worried sick about him! I know he comes here a lot of times! Please, where’s my baby?!”


                The officer blanched visibly under the former pilot’s scrutiny. The cop himself had to be no older than twenty-three, so he seemed fairly new to the force. Duo didn’t care then; his son was still missing. “Mister Maxwell, then? Duo Maxwell of 32 Crane Lake Drive?”


                Duo nodded, watching the paramedics throw open the doors of their ambulance. “Yes, that’s me! Please, where is my son?!”


                “Mister Maxwell, you might want to sit down for this.”




{I know how you feel
You get crazy inside
They say it runs in the family}

{I know just how you feel
When you get crazy inside
Your mom she said that
You are just like me}

                //Duo’s POV//


                Your mom and I were going through the old photo albums again, and we came across a few photos of you when you were just turning thirteen. My favorite still has to be the one of you kneeling in front of the lawnmower, which lay in pieces on the floor of the garage. You were covered in oil and grime, but you were studying the pieces-parts as though they would tell you how you would fix them. The Prussian blue of your eyes glinted in focus, and a lot of your hair was in your face while you tried to work.


                So much like me at your age. Of course your mom and I are very grateful it was the lawnmower you were repairing and not some hulking death machine called a Gundam. Mama mentioned how much you liked watching me take things apart and put them together, and how honored you were when I let you help. Did you really gloat to your brothers and sister after I asked you to help?


                I suppose that’s why it stung me so badly when you would say I would never understand you. I do, sweetheart. When I was young and still trying to get your mom to notice me, I was willing to do anything. But honey, I would never have allowed anyone to abuse me, or rape me and call it love. I know you’re not ten anymore. You’re still young, though, and you have so much more to experience before it’s your time. There is someone out there for you, someone who won’t beat you and then claim to love you.


                You’ll find them, Yuki. But you have to wake up first.






                <Duo! Did you find Yuki? Is he all right?>


                <Heero…Yuki’s lost a lot of blood. I’ll be at the Mercy of Mary Hospital with him. I’m not sure when I’ll be home.>






                <I need to make a phone call.> Click.


                Duo hadn’t anticipated seeing his husband storming into the hospital some fifteen minutes alter, but he couldn’t blame Heero. He rushed forward and took the Japanese male into his arms for a heartfelt embrace, kissing his face and scolding him in gentle whispers. “Where are the children, Heero? They’ll need you.”


                “Yuki needs me now. Jin, Milo, and Mika are with Quatre and his family for the night.” Heero broke away from the embrace as a doctor approached, and he fixed the woman with a venomous glare that dared her to give any bad news. “Where is Yuki?”


                “And what relation are you to Yuki Maxwell?” she asked, scanning her clipboard for a moment and readjusting her glasses. “I’m afraid you’ll have to take a seat if you aren’t immediate family, Sir.”


                Duo pacified the situation while a gentle hand on Heero’s shoulder. “We’re Yuki’s parents, ma’am. Can you tell us how he is?”


                The doctor tucked her clipboard under her arm and fixed her pen in her hair. “The damage Yuki’s body has sustained will take a long time to repair, Mister Maxwell. He looks as though he’ll recover in time, but I fear that your son has suffered severe emotional trauma, and is now in a coma. The doctors aren’t certain when it is he’ll wake, if he’ll wake, from it.”


                “What do you mean ‘if’?”




{I can see it in your eyes
I can see your shaky hands
I think you think I'm stupid
You don't think I understand
I see you and I see myself
When I was a younger man}

{When you were a child
You were happy and free
You were my reason to live
I would die when you smiled at me
I can still see you
I remember you
Painting sunflowers in your room}


                //Heero’s POV//


                Hello, my little one. Daddy’s finally gone home to see your brothers and sister, so I’ll be here to keep you company.


                I’ve brought you something you might like. You might not be able to see them, but I know you’ll like them. Daddy spent three hours looking for them, going from shop to shop until he was ready to go to Earth himself and grow his own.


                You had never seen a real sunflower before until you were six. Daddy and I took you to Earth to visit Aunt ‘Lena, remember? Aunt ‘Lena had sunflowers in her garden, and I remember you almost got lost in them! You were so amazed at how big they were, and how pretty they were. I remember how much you cried when we had to leave.


                I should have known what you would do with the paint set Aunt ‘Lena gave you for your birthday after that trip. You’d been entirely too quiet in your room that whole day, and Daddy and I were wondering what you were up to. When we saw you standing on top of your dresser with your paints in hand, we were too afraid of you falling to notice what you were painting.


                Daddy helped you down and looked at your work, then grinned and had me look as well. You’d drawn sunflowers on your walls, and you’d made them different colors. Some were big blue disks with yellow petals, and some were purple with black petals. I forgot all about scolding you for climbing on your furniture and went to get our camera.


                I still have that picture, Yuki. It never leaves my nightstand. You were so adorable, splattered with paint and sitting on your daddy’s shoulders while he helped make more flowers on your walls. It took two baths for both of you before all the paint was washed off of you, but I didn’t mind.


                If only I could wash off the grotesque colorings of your wounds just as easily as that paint. My Yuki, what happened? When I said that pain was a necessary evil, I never meant you should seek it. Daddy and I taught you right from wrong, and what lovers certainly don’t do when they’re in love. I can only guess what Shen told you it was, judging from the pamphlets and books that littered your sock drawer.


                My love, safe sex isn’t simply about using a condom. Safe sex involves trust, and your trust was twisted against you. What Shen did can only be classified as rape. I thought you’d learned that difference the first time you came home, welted too badly to even sit with me in the kitchen and eat a decent meal. You cried terribly and tried to run away when you’d bled through your pants, and you swore up and down that you’d fallen all while Daddy and I drove you to the hospital.


{I know where you go
When you want to fall
Hey don't you want to be happy?}


I only wished to see you happy, Yuki. That bastard would never have made you happy. Yes, I told your father when I found out. Yes, it was me that asked Duo to forbid you from going to that bastard again. I thought I was doing the right thing. Your life was most important to me.


You would never have been happy with him. And now you will never be happy with me.

{I know where you go
When you want to fall
Your useless friends
They tell me everything





“Daddy, I have to see him!”


“Yuki Yuy-Maxwell, if you even think for a second that I’m going to let you waltz through that door to hand you off to that son of a bitch, you have another think coming!” Duo was struggling not to raise his voice to his frightened child, but the battle became harder as Yuki grew more rebellious. “Young man, you go back into that kitchen right now and apologize to your mom, and then you can scoot your busted bootie upstairs and to bed!”


The teen glared viciously at his father and cast a hateful glance to his quiet, observant mother. “You’re a snitch and a fool! Did you really think Daddy would stop me?! I’m in love with Shen! There isn’t anything wrong with being in love!”


Heero could stand it no longer and spoke in a quiet, level tone. “There is nothing wrong with being in love, Yuki, but what Shen has for you is not love! Besides that, Shen is twenty-three years old! You’re much too young to be with a twenty-three-year-old! Amir and Jewel…”


“TRAITORS!” Yuki suddenly thundered, sending the toddler into a fit of hysterical tears. “DAMNED TURNCOATS! THEY WERE JEALOUS OF ME FROM THE START! WELL, FUCK THEM AND FUCK YOU BOTH TOO!”


“THAT DOES IT!” Duo made a lunge at his son, but the teen easily slid past him and leapt out the front door of the house, sprinting for all he was worth to escape the scene he’d created. Duo got up and roared angrily, getting to his feet to give chase. Heero held him back and shook his head, tears glistening in his eyes.


“Duo,” he whispered brokenly, “he has to learn this on his own. There is no other way.”


                                                                                                                [End flashback]                                                                                                                                            ~


{I see you run around in circles
I see you digging your own hole
I see you fight the fights
You just can't win
I see you losing self control
What it does to me
Deep down inside
I hope you will never know}




                 <Kat? How are the kids?>


                <All asleep. How are Yuki and Heero?>


                <Yuki still hasn’t woken up from his coma. Heero hasn’t left the bedside once to see to his own needs. I should never have let Heero tell me to let this run its course. Damn that man…prison is too good for him!>


                <Duo, calm down.>


                Sobs filled the other end of the line. <My little Yuki…does he have any idea…Kat, he has his entire future ahead of him! Why did I yell at him?! Why did I drive him away when he needed me?!>


                <Duo, please listen to me. You were trying to protect him. No parent can do anymore for their children than that. Yuki didn’t understand that. He only saw you repressing him, and he could not handle that. He wanted to prove he was an adult, and could make his own decisions without you and Heero holding his hand along the way.>


                <Kat…> Click.




{When you were a child
You were happy and free
You were my reason to live
I would die when you smiled at me
I can still see you
I remember you
Painting sunflowers in your room}


{Sunflowers in your room}


                //Heero’s POV//


                My dear, you look much better. You’ve been able to recognize me now, even if you haven’t woken. You squeeze back when I take your hand. You shrank back from Daddy when he growled, even though he wasn’t at all angry with you. The doctors’ touches make you recoil, but you almost smiled when Quatre and Amir came, and Amir took your hand and stroked it.


                Amir asks about you constantly, and he has brought many many presents. You seem to like the blanket he brought last time. And there are new sunflowers to add to the ones Daddy brought you. Amir has added some that have blood red petals streaked faintly with gold, and a few roses as white as snow. As white and pure as you are, my baby.


                Red is a color of love, as I understand, as is white in other cultures. I see how Amir looks upon you, and how favorably you respond to his contact. I cannot help but grow sorrowful, mostly because I do not know if you know that this is love. Amir constantly asks of you, and begs to come see you. Quatre at first decided that it was a bad idea, but he is as stubborn as you, my sweet. He snuck away from home to break into your hospital room.


                Quatre and Daddy spent at least three hours scolding him for being a fool, but he later told me it was worth it simply to see you. I couldn’t argue that, I admit, and it’s been my absolute pleasure to defend him. Don’t worry, honey; Daddy’s only on the couch for the next month.


                Amir seemed to know about the sunflowers already, so I did not ask any questions. Yuki, if only you would wake. He reads to you so diligently, and with such sorrow he looks at you. He does not cry, at least not when I am near, but I hear him murmur to you. I only hope you can hear him, Yuki. Or at least you can feel how genuine the words are, even if you cannot understand them.


                That is love, Yuki. You may know no other, but I know it when I see it. Daddy would speak those same words to me. He is the one, Yuki.




{All I want to remember
Pretty pictures on the wall
I remember you happy
I remember it all
All I want to remember
Sunflowers in your room}

{Sunflowers in your room}




                “I wish you’d wake up, Yuki-kun,” Amir whispered, stroking the sleeping teen’s hand tenderly and fighting back tears. “What Shen did to you…none of that was your fault. If only you’d wake up. Your parents, my father, Jewel…everyone is blaming themselves. It’s…it’s all my fault you got hurt. I should have stopped you. I wish I would have told you sooner…oh Yuki-kun…this is my fault!”


                The young redhead was too far gone in his own sorrows to notice the faint fluttering of Yuki’s eyelashes. He did look up from his tears when a weak, familiar voice whispered, “What?”


                Amir looked up and smiled in disbelief, then leaned closer to better hear and affirm his hopes. “Y-Yuki-kun? Please, oh please don’t let me be losing my mind! Yuki-kun!”


                “A…Amir?” The amethyst orbs slowly opened and instantly they turned to the Winner son weakly. “What…didn’t you…you tell me?”


                Amir smiled through his tears and leaned close to place a light kiss on Yuki’s not-as-badly-bruised cheek. Behind him, the adults began to filter in, sensing that something was going on. “Boys?” Quatre called, but he paused in the door and barred Heero and Duo from entering for the moment. The words exchanged would forever burn in their minds from that moment on, and never again would be uttered with the same intensity that the moment contained.


                “Ai shiteru, Yuki-kun.”


                “Zutto… Amir.”


                                                ~ Owari ~


[Sorry it’s a little tongue-and-cheek, but time has been a bitch. One of my best friends’ fathers has long been battling cancer, and he died on Thursday. I was at the wake on Saturday, and didn’t get the lyrics until I’d checked my mail at 11:30 at night. I had to scramble for this one, but I hope it’s still good.]

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Date:April 11th, 2004 09:23 pm (UTC)
*HUGGLES* I wasn't sure if giving ya the lyrics for one of my favorite songs was a good idea or not, but this seriously made my day. ^_^ BUT, the scene with Yuki painting sunflowers just made me all fuzzy inside. I really, really loved your ficcie. ^_~
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