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Lyric Fic submission: Sunflowers. - Gundam Wing Lyric Wheel

About Lyric Fic submission: Sunflowers.

Previous Entry Lyric Fic submission: Sunflowers. Apr. 10th, 2004 @ 10:43 pm Next Entry
It's a tad late, but Easter was a surprise confliction. here's my fic, to shoujo_bubbles's lyrics.

I tried to do something a little different, rather than just inserting the lyrics, I used phrases from the song for actual lines/trains of thought. I hope you like it, and the lyrics are at the bottom.

Pairings: 1+2
Rating: G
Warnings: None.


I know where you go when you want to fall. And I can’t stop you. I can only watch, helpless, as you walk that ever fine edge between chaos and reality and I fear you’re going to slip.

Those dammed idiots you call friends don’t get it. They’re useless, the lot of them. Taking everything you say at face value and never looking deeper. Of course, you certainly make it difficult for them to do much else. Your masks have only grown stronger over the years.

You talk to me, constantly. Whenever they can’t hear you. Even when they can, sometimes. You joke and laugh and insult and give a constant running monologue, solely for my benefit. You never cry. Even to me. Never.

You’re going crazy. I know how you feel. You hate being held up, unable to do anything, unable to stop the machinations you see happening out there. You want nothing more than to hop into your gundam and stop them all. And you can’t. One false move and you all die. And you take the colonies with you. So you wait. And grow impatient. And angry.

Heh. I suppose it runs in the family. I could never just stand by either.

The safe house isn’t helping either. I know it reminds you of L2. Of why you should be fighting, not hiding.

The garden is beautiful, though. The last full blooms of fall. The sunflowers line the back, a kind of last defensive line against the rest of the world, solitary soldiers watching over the rest of the garden as you walk through it in bare feet.

And that would be Heero. Coming over to stand beside you. I see you instinctively lean in to support him, knowing full well his injuries haven’t healed. And I see how he leans on you without a word.

I loved you. Love you. Died for you. And I feel like I die every time you smile at him.

I know I’m jealous. I know I’m happy for you. I get the feeling that if I was alive, I’d have the world’s biggest headache right now.

You’re talking to him, and he’s listening. He doesn’t get it, but he suspects that there’s something beneath that mask. And you’re almost ready to show him. Caught between keeping your self control and loosing your mind completely, you’re stuck. So he waits.

We both know you’re too close to breaking.

You’re pointing out the sunflowers. Telling him about the sunflowers you drew for Sister Helen. He doesn’t know she’s dead yet, one piece of your past still hidden, but he will. And I hate him, for being there when I can’t.

You tell the story of the sunflowers, and how you’d always wanted to see one. He smiles and asks if you want to gather some of their seeds to eat. You smile and shake your head, telling him you’d rather the seeds made more flowers than became a snack. You lead him into the house and upstairs, and he lets you chide him for being outside in the first place. You both know he would fight if he had to, and that resting is simply a luxury, but you continue the fantasy anyway. Both clinging to one more moment of reality before the war rages to consume you again.

I remember telling you of sunflowers. Of giant plants that towered over your head and were as gold as the sun. Of warm places and kinder people and flowers growing wherever they pleased instead of inside closed and protected gardens where no street child was ever welcome. And though those moments were few and beautiful, we both know we were never happy.

But you’re happy now. And you’re looking at the flower by your window in surprise. Heero shakes his head and you both move closer to examine it. It’s as tall as you are, sitting squarely in a pot of dirt on the floor. You both know it wasn’t there when you left.

You look around, but as always look right through me. There’s this one moment of suspicion in your eyes before you smile, nodding to the being you can’t see before getting Heero settled on the bed.

I probably broke a rule or two doing that, but I don’t care. Never been much for authority figures anyway.

I want to see you happy. I want you to remember being happy. When this is all over, I want you both to have memories of warmth and light, not simply death and pain. I want you to remember a garden. And a sunflower in your room.

The Original Lyrics.

Sunflowers by Everclear

I know where you go
When you want to fall
Why do you want to be broken?

I know where you go
When you want to fall
Yes your friends they tell me everything

I know how you feel
You get crazy inside
They say it runs in the family

I know just how you feel
When you get crazy inside
Your mom she said that
You are just like me

I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your shaky hands
I think you think I'm stupid
You don't think I understand
I see you and I see myself
When I was a younger man

When you were a child
You were happy and free
You were my reason to live
I would die when you smiled at him
I can still you
I remember you
Painting sunflowers in your room

I know where you go
When you want to fall
Hey don't you want to be happy?

I know where you go
When you want to fall
Your useless friends
They tell me everything

I see you run around in circles
I see you digging your own hole
I see you fight the fights
You just can't win
I see you losing self control
What it does to me
Deep down inside
I hope you will never know

When you were a child
You were happy and free
You were my reason to live
I would die when you smiled at him
I can still you
I remember you
Painting sunflowers in your room

Sunflowers in your room

All I want to remember
Pretty pictures on the wall
I remember you happy
I remember it all
All I want to remember
Sunflowers in your room

Sunflowers in your room
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